New Stanton Branch Ready for Business

We are excited to announce that our New Stanton branch is now ready for business! Our employees have finally moved and settled in, and they are ready to begin assisting additional customers within the Western portion of the state.  

There are so many reasons for which adding this location will be a benefit to our customers, and its larger buildings is only the beginning. Along with these larger buildings comes more space to accommodate additional machinery which means we will be able to expand upon our service operations. The highway access is also much more direct, and this will allow for ease of large machinery transportation. Lastly, this New Stanton location provides us with growth opportunities for the future. As our business continues to expand, we are being mindful of the ways in which we will need to accommodate this moving forward. The plot of land in which this operation is located leaves plenty of room for expansion in the future. We are excited to inform you that we are finding ourselves in the last phase of this exciting transition, and we can’t wait to serve the Western part of the state moving forward!



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